Some art for ya timeline

I want to share one of my proudest pieces. It was the first portrait I had done for someone else. I think I tried like 3x... 3rd times a charm. So here's some art for this beautiful Wednesday. I used the PrismaColor Premier pack w/ the Turquoise sketching pencils. Much love, peace, and prosperity, B


Puerto Viejo, Limón, Costa Rica

This past weekend, I visited one of my favorite places, Puerto Viejo, a beach town on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Puerto V. is in the province of Limon, Costa Rica, which possesses rich and interesting culture. While you are there, its imperative to learn the history of Puerto Viejo and Limon. While I … Continue reading Puerto Viejo, Limón, Costa Rica

Horror films

So, I loveeeee horror films. Honestly, I've been watching them forever. So I made a short list consisting of my favorite horror films, both modern and old school. Modern:  HereditaryThe Last Shift The Descent The Invitation Scream films Insidious I and II (probably one of the scariest movies I've ever seen)Get OutUSIT (I am horrified of clowns.) Texas Chainsaw Massacre Classics: … Continue reading Horror films

emotions of paper

I apologize for the flood of posts.. However, I hope you all are enjoying them 🙂 Since is a full time student, I haven't had the time to paint or use my prismas *tears*, but hopefully this summer i'll have more time! Much love and peace, B


i check my phone every 5 minutes... without a beep, vibration or sound... i wonder if maybe i missed something but nothing ever comes from it.  i'm tempted to express my love, hopefully ending the night in receiving some. i call, 2 rings turn into 5 which turns into nothing. damn he didn't answer again... … Continue reading alone.